#1 Most Requested Service for 2009….

When I created my Riding Skills classes mid 2009, my hope was that more cyclists would attend a group scenario vs. private sessions simply for the cost savings.  And, our economy wasn’t doing well, either.  I basically, created a curriculum from what I had been teaching clients for the past 4 years.  When Atlanta Cycling partnered with me on this endeavor, I felt like others saw real value.  They were right.

With these series of classes, the skill sets, drills and perspectives of those who attended changed (and were dramatically) expanded.  These classes are literally changing how cyclists ride their bicycles and how they think/approach cycling.  I have been blessed to have logged almost 100,000 miles in 11 years of riding.  That experience coupled with my teaching and bio-mechanical background, has resulted in these Riding Skills classes becoming my #1 most requested service for 2009.

You cannot find anyone who is teaching… 1. the topics, 2. the depth of information, and 3. the specific drills created in these classes…except MyCycleCoach.com!!!

If you are a cyclist and have a bicycle, you NEED to attend these classes.  I understand the faster & longer cyclists are able to ride the less help they want and the more they think they know; this group that I refer to as the “A”Group or Fast Group is the hardest nut to crack in terms of getting them to see the value in these classes.  That’s unfortunate because the faster you ride the less reaction time you have to the ‘what-if’s’ and from my years of experience (even among race teams) is that almost no cyclist practices the types of drills absolutely necessary in order to dramatically reduce unnecessary crashes.

Cyclists ride their bicycles like they drive.  What I mean is their reaction to severe maneuvering, etc. is typically the same…..they slam on their brakes.  Ask yourself this question: How many times have you heard (or said yourself) of a crash, whether bike or vehicle, where someone said that if they or the other person had not slammed on their brakes that the crash could have been avoided?  You know exactly what I am talking about.

The time to practice balance/control skills is NOT when you actually need them; it’s too late then.  But, this is almost always the case and these Riding Skills classes are actually changing this paradigm…just ask any client who has attended a class.  One gentleman in my 1st class said if he has known/learned some of the specific drills shared, he would have been able to avoid a crash 7 years earlier where he broke his clavicle.  THAT’S HUGE!!!

No matter what level you currently ride, please leave pride at the door, come attend a class and dramatically increase your ability/knowledge & perspective about how to ride.  I personally guarantee it!!!!  No I don’t sell suits at Men’s Warehouse, but I do impart knowledge and specific drills that can/will forever change how you ride and think.

Yes, I have to make a living but my motivation for everything I do regarding cycling is for the safety of the sport and to teach people how to stay in control.  That is my burning passion.

Please tell your cycling friends about these classes.  Bring yourself and your friends.  It will be the best $99 you ever spent on this sport.  Period.

2010 Schedule on my website under Riding Skills page.

See ya on the road…



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