Ride Review- Cycleworks (Roswell) Inaugural Tuesday Ride

Sure do miss riding in and around the Roswell area; so many great routes!!!  Here’s another one…

Tonight was the inaugural Tues group ride for Cycleworks on Holcombe Bridge.  I’m shaking my head because the route was really good; flats by the river but some incredible rollers thru a subdivision (that I had done a few years ago…and forgot about).  Yep, you need to add this ride to your weekly calendar.  It’s posted as a no-drop and we had a few re-group points along the way; not bad at all.

The group was small but I believe they will keep the organization in tact as it grows.  We did a rolling pace line for a few miles; wow, that is 2 nights in a row….now that IS rare!!  Tonight’s pace line was extremely smooth; just the way it should be.  Bummer that traffic caused us to stop the rotation sooner than we wanted; oh well, fun while it lasted.

Definitely excited about this ride.  I WILL be back for this one…

See ya on the road…


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