Ride Review- Atlanta Cycling-Vinings Wed Ride

This is a group ride I have never done yet this ride is quite established and very attended.  There is a 30 minute warm-up that leaves (starting next week) approximately 5:45 and comes back to the store to link up for the 6:30 mass start.

The infamous Don Dutson, Jr. (Mr. Atlanta Cycling) started out with a true rider meeting; very detailed, to the point and then off we went.

Unlike most group rides, this one did not seem to have an A, B, etc. group…just all fast.  This ride is NOT for the faint of heart, or should I say ‘legs’.  The proper lingo for this ride is a hammerfest.  There are some parts that the pace slows down through some neighborhoods but for the most part, it is hammer down.

Not knowing the reputation of this ride, personally I showed up about a month too early.  I am blessed that my clientele is really growing but the downside is that I don’t ride enough to be able to ride at a high enough level as I would like.  The trade-off is good, though.

Be prepared for some rough roads and I am sure with the severe winter we just had didn’t help the condition, either.  Everyone was good about calling out hazards, holes, etc. and going at a fast pace makes it even more important to call that stuff out.  Good job tonight on that.

I did like the rolling & turning route and what I would classify as a technical course (skill & maneuvering wise).

This route begs to be ridden fast and the group definitely delivered.  I did not get as much pictures and video due to the rough terrain but hope you enjoy what I did get.

See ya on the road…


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2 responses to “Ride Review- Atlanta Cycling-Vinings Wed Ride

  1. Hi,

    I lived in atlanta back in 2001-2002, and used to ride with Atlanta Cycling on Saturday morning! Give my regards to Don Dutson Jr.

    We met once again on the top of Luz Ardiden – it would be wonderfull if you say “hi” to him from my part!

    Ronny Schrijvers from Belgium

    PS I googled on “Don Dutson Jr” and found your blog!

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