RIDE REVIEW- Atlanta Triathlon Club, Silver Comet Training Ride

Featured Ride:

Atlanta Triathlon Club- Silk Sheets Ride.

OK, this is not really a ‘group ride’ per say, but nevertheless it was a group of folks with their bikes.  As the first official training ride for the 2010 season, today’s gathering brought a hearty group.

The groups were split up based on speed with red (20mph+), blue (16-20) and the green (16 or less).  Each group had cycling coaches riding along side ATC members for support, helpful tips and encouragement.  I really like how much effort, man/woman power and resources have been dedicated to ATC Coaches.  The bottom line; ATC members have access to an incredible coaching staff and resources.  This is just one of the many things that gives ATC a distinct advantage for its members.

Even though I am the Head Cycling Coach for ATC, I still would say the same thing; it’s one of the main things that helped me make the decision to join their coaching staff.

We (coaches) really felt helpful today, as we had the opportunity to do some mock bike fittings on the go.  The watchful eye of coaches noticed some members’ saddles, etc. out of position, made some initial adjustments and then fine-tune their changes.

We even helped to change flats; yes that was plural for flats.  We are here to help any way we can.

For me, it was a 4 hour ride time which I had the opportunity to ride with the green and blue group.  The red group was hammering just way to fast for me to catch up; guys you just gotta slow down next time to give me a chance!!!

Great day, great weather and it is Easter Sunday (most awesome).

We show up at the Tony Serrano ride next week for the 2nd official training ride.

See ya on the road…



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