Ride Review- Duluth Cycleworks Monday Recovery Ride

For those who need a true recovery ride after a hard weekend of riding, you can count on Duluth Cycleworks as a true recovery ride.  Avg pace is 17mph and there is always two sprint points for those who still have some juice left in the legs but obviously the sprints are optional participation.

I like how the pace is continually monitored as well as watching out for any drop offs in the back.  There are a few re-group points and this ride seems to have an A & B group, too.  For the most part, a double pace line exists and that should be done throughout the ride…with the exceptional single file spots due to tight roads/no shoulder.  I encourage double lines in group rides for several reasons:  a. we can legally ride 2 abreast, b. bikes are more organized and you can see better vs. total scatter across the lane and c. it allows cars to get around you much easier.

The other times I have done this ride I did not see 3 and 4 wide but there were a few times last night where this was going on.  Not sure why these guys came to the front like this and stayed there a while but nevertheless, they did.  My history w/this ride says this is not the norm.

BTW, if you want to hit the 2nd sprint by the school, make sure you know the sprint line is the cross-walk.  I made the mistake of sprinting to the 1st school sign and didn’t understand why when I shut down why others were still blowing past me; now I know.

TIP: for all cyclists.  when you ride behind someone and you find their draft is pulling you too close or your speed is a little too fast and either way you have to slow down; PLEASE stop swerving from side to side…and in most cases your front wheel still overlaps the rear wheel in front of you a little.  This is just bad etiquette and unpredictable.  Instead, feather your brakes; that keeps you riding in a straight line at all times, keeps you predictable & eliminates any wheel overlap and does not screw up the draft for those behind you as you swerve.  Lots of swerving last night, as is very common with just about every group ride I do.  If everyone only knew….and then rode that way.

In closing, I failed to check my camera battery life which cost me any pictures or video.  Sorry…

See ya on the road…



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