Ride Review- NGCA-ATLroof.com Inaugural Tuesday Ride.

Yet another new group ride in two weeks.  This one starts out in Sandy Springs at Roswell Rd/Abernathy Rd at 630.  For its inaugural ride, we guessed about 30+ riders came out.  Of course, there was lots of blue around (ATLroof.com guys).

One thing I liked about this ride is that it wasn’t ‘balls-to-the -wall’ straight out of the parking lot; many group rides start out this way but it was refreshing to experience that this ride does not.  After talking to some of the ATLroof.com guys afterwards, it is their goal to reign in the group during the starts to keep this aspect the norm.  Good job guys…

After riding Atlanta Cycling-Vinings Wed ride, I realized parts of this new ride mirrors that ride.  That didn’t bother me because there was enough difference to make it feel like a different ride.  Pretty good rolling terrain for the 1st several miles and the ‘real’ climbs (Northland & Long Island) don’t come until the latter part of the ride and are almost back to back; this makes a tough finish but doing so will only make you stronger.

Though the pace was steady, I never got the feeling that this ride was a hammerfest.  Some of the rollers and both ending climbs kept a pretty good pace but it was not so fast that it blew apart the entire group.  Yes, there were gaps created but it wasn’t total mayhem remains.

If you are in the area, I would recommend you try this ride.  Good group of riders, good organization during ride.

See ya on the road…


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