Ride Review- King/Queen Monday Ride (Dunwoody)

This ride is close to my heart, so to speak, because as President of SBL in ’08, we launched this new ride with tremendous success.  From day one, we averaged 45+ each week, even though the route was quite hilly and challenging.

Admittingly, being a little protective because of this connection, I am sadden to see it is not quite the same ride…and reputation…as it started out & maintained for 2 years.  From inception, we purposefully kept the starting pace even so that everyone was riding with each other for the first five to eight miles due to the terrain.  Now, it’s a hammerfest right out of the parking lot with the group being blown apart within the first mile.  In fairness, if you are looking for a full out hammerfest right out of the gate, then this is your ride.

Again, I have to admit that today I found myself trying to slow the pace down for the first several miles to help keep the overall group together; sort of like old times.  Not being met with open arms I caught some flack because of it.  But to my amazement, the pace actually stayed lower so I have to give credit to those riding today.

With that said, sometimes it’s not good to try to change something if the majority doesn’t want it.  Driving home afterwards, I thought about if I had done more harm than good.  It was from nostalgia that caused me to change the pace & try to keep everyone together; the cyclists who show up now for this ride regularly may not want that…and that’s ok.

See ya on the road…


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4 responses to “Ride Review- King/Queen Monday Ride (Dunwoody)

  1. Good write up Robert. That ride has definitely changed and not for the better in my opinion. Even if you are going to hammer, a good warm-up is still desirable.

    • Thanks for your comment Rob. Nasty responder on SBL re: the review. What he didn’t know was there were a few that even bragged about starting really fast & that they did it every week.

      Is that why they call it “the good ole days”?

  2. Robert,
    Could you provide the key details in your ride reviews like the time/day of the ride, starting location, distance and pace please.

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