Riding With My Bride…again.

Really have been enjoying riding again with Kelly; it’s now been about 5 weeks since she remounted the saddle after her horrific Oct ’09 crash.  When I watch her on the bike now, I can’t tell by her body language that she was ever off the bike at all.  Yes, she is a little timid in certain circumstances right now but I am confident that she will overcome these and once again become a speed demon like her husband.

The ride before this latest video installment, I looked over and saw Kelly chewing gum while spinning down the street.  I had to do a double-take; not sure if I have ever seen a cyclist chew gum while riding before.   She says it helps to relax her a bit; can’t argue with that but I did tell her of my concern of her abruptly swallowing it and the potential results.  Now, she chews it and as soon as the flavor is gone, out it goes.  Guess that’s better than the big bug that fly into my mouth last week while riding.  Luckily, I was able to pull from my teeth and spew ti out of my mouth.  Hey, that was some good protein, too!!!!

I sure enjoy riding with Kelly; she is a natural and desires to be the best (technique-wise) she can be.  Lucked out that she is married to a bio-mechanical junkie who makes his living on this very thing.  She is a sponge!!

Kelly Video

I love you Baby.  You really look good on the bike again.  Look even better off…

See ya on the road…



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