Ride Review- Lifetime Bikes-Loganville Tuesday Ride

The 24-mile route for this Lifetime Bikes-Loganville shop ride just keeps me coming back for more. This A & B group ride is fast and steady. With just a few momentum killers (as I call them), the rest of the route is flat and gentle rolling.

Solid group of riders are always there; you should be able to find others to ride at your speed. The A group averaged 21.8mph; guessing the B group was in the high 18’s. Though the route begs to be ridden fast and with a solid group of fast riders, this group ride doesn’t have the feel of a blowout at all costs. There were quite a few pace lines going on, with a few doubles here and there. Overall good organization (rider-wise) throughout the ride.

Even though this ride may not be in the back door of Buckhead or neighboring areas, my guess is that if you make the trek out and join the ride, you will be back.

BTW, the last Tuesday of each month, the route is extended to 37 miles.  Just for the extra effort you will exert, you will be rewarded with awaiting pizza & beer, provided by Cooley’s Pizza.  What more motivation do you need?

Watch the ride video

See ya on the road…


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