C4 Conyers HorsePark Thursday Ride, May 13, 2010

Until now, the ride reviews I have done have been relatively close to home (Lawrenceville) but I have committed to add one new group ride a week; sometimes two.  This week is one I have scheduled several times but had to cancel for various reasons…not today.  The Covington Conyers Cycling Club is a very active group; just follow their yahoo group and you’ll see what I mean.  I actually know quite a few in this club even though they ride 40+ miles from my side of town and tonight I had the pleasure of putting faces with names.

I’ll tell you right up front; get in your car and drive out to this ride.  You know rides you have done and the route was super good?  This is one of those rides.  The A & B groups ride together for the first few miles and then there is a specific point where each group dials into their respective paces & distances (A-32 miles: 22avg & B-25 miles: 17/18avg).  Another great part was that the entire group rode out of the parking lot at an easy, warmup pace; no jocking for positions, cutting others off…just how a good group ride should start!!!

Once the groups hit their own paces, I fell into the A group but actually planned to stay with the B group and then up on the A when they came by.  With both leaving at the same time, my plan was busted.  In short order, all fell in line with a very steady but very brisk pace.  Even though the A group’s reputation is quite fast, it was a safe and organized fast.  No overlapping wheels, speed at all costs, testosterone induced syndrome; just a hearty & smooth fast ride.

I can’t say enough about the rolling/flat terrain of this ride; it was so inviting.  Honestly, it reminded me of the route I was able to create for the Jackson County Brevet on June 19th.  I keep telling cyclists that they will be blown away by the route; this will be Atlanta’s next “fast century ride”. OK, back to this ride, Robert.  This route is for every cyclist, no matter what your level.  There are a couple good climbs but not the kind that are in your face kind of climbs.

I am SO glad I made the 90 mile round trip for this ride; it’s just worth it and so are those who you get to ride with.  Have to give a shout out to all the Lifetime Bikes-Loganville guys and owner Harvey; expected to see lots of C4 jerseys (and I did) but I’ve ridden many of Harvey’s rides so really nice to see you there.  Oh, that was some serious pulling you guys laid down, too.  My legs thank you.

If you can’t tell by now, I am quite excited about this jewel in Conyers.  If you ride it, my guess is that you will be, too!!!


See ya on the road…

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