Cycling Incident Caused Me to Rethink…

If you ride long enough, you will have your share of being ‘buzzed’. That was the cause of Kelly’s near fatal crash last October and I have found myself hyper-sensitive since; that’s a good AND bad thing.  Recently, I have been able to catch up to some vehicles and engaged them; some went good and some went very bad.

Even last night, riding home from a group ride, I was buzzed on Satellite Blvd by a SUV who was 1. clearly speeding and 2. came within a foot of me…with no other cars along side him; it was overly purposeful. I caught him at the traffic light and tapped on his window.  He let it down and I asked him why he buzzed me like that; his reaction was not friendly (nice version).  After a couple minutes of shouting, the car behind me was an off-duty cop and he popped his horn and the guy instantly shut his mouth.  I was told I had no right being on the road but as his voice got louder, I found myself keeping up with his.  I let my emotions take over.  The one major difference, after you read this, is that I did not physically attack the guy.

Now, that was my scenario.  After I read this article, it caused me to pause and re-think my actions, as they could have had the same (or worse) outcome as described in this article.  You read it and then decide what/how you will respond.


I report; You decide…

See ya on the road…


One response to “Cycling Incident Caused Me to Rethink…

  1. Been there before. I’ve tried to smile, say “merry Christmas”, “God Bless you!,” and the like. The best thing we can do is keep on keeping on!

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