Beyond My Wildest Dreams…

Towards the end of February, while sitting on the couch beside Kelly, we were talking about how shocked we were that the treatment for Aplastic Anemia had not changed for the last 25 years…despite all our modern medical advancements.  I remember looking at Kelly and telling her I just couldn’t sit around and do nothing; the Jackson County Brevet was born.

My goal was 200 riders.  By May 16th, we had 157 pre-registered and that jumped to over 200 by month’s end.  Two weeks out we had surpassed 300 and as of 3:45am on the 19th of June, that number grew to 461.  With almost 150 walk-ups, the official total for year one was 591 cyclists.

We had over 80 volunteers spread out all over Jackson County making sure every rider was attended to.  Many of the workers that manned our SAG stops were families & friends of families who have children who suffer from this deadly disease called Aplastic Anemia.  Until June 19th, there had never been any big event in the S.E. to raise awareness/donations for this national foundation; that has forever changed…

Because invoices/financial donations will be coming in over the next couple of weeks, our current estimate is that we raised approximately $20,000 to be donated to Aplastic Anemia.  This would have never been a reality without each and every cyclist coming out to Braselton for an incredible ride.

Kelly and I only had time to lead out the ride for the first 4.5 miles but I remember looking back and seeing one lane jam packed with cyclists as far as I could see…and Kelly riding next to me.  That is one picture that is forever etched in my memory.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who rode, who worked, who gave.  This was a team effort from A – Z.  God truly blessed this event, of which I am eternally grateful.  I owe it all to Him.

This picture sort of sums it all up. …

Photo by Kent Ruby Photography

One response to “Beyond My Wildest Dreams…

  1. Robert, we can’t thank you and Kelly enough for your tremendous passion, leadership and hard work on this event.
    We are grateful for your support and know that with families and friends like yours helping us, we can provide answers, support and hope to the 15,000 people who will be diagnosed with aplastic anemia, MDS and PNH this year — and the tens of thousands more living with these diseases hoping for a cure.
    Thank you!

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