READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY Garmin’s 800 computer


Dear friends cyclists,

Some of you know me as a technologist (by education and experience) and a gadget man.
Over past few years I have tested for Garmin company a couple of their cycling computers. Namely; The Edge 305 and Edge 705.
Recently I have purchased and tested two Edge 800 units along a known and validated Edge 705.
My conclusion – DO NOT PURCHASE the Edge 800 at this time!

And here is why;
1) the new GPS receiver (not sure if it is the same as on 705) is typically 2 to 4 times less accurate than the 705.
Your ride will be displayed 40ft-70ft off the road you are cycling on, most of the time. You may lose GPS connections with satellites..
2) the Altimeter is often incorrect, thus causing Elevations to be inaccurate, which cases the Total Ascent/Descent and the % Grade (Incline/Decline) to be incorrect.
3) the worst of all issues relate to the new Touch Display. Though it is nice to simply touch and slide through various screens, the rendering of street names, icons, etc. is very fuzzy. The entire display seems to be of a lesser resolution, thus causing difficulty in reading, especially with sun glasses on (while cycling).
More importantly, the street names, and other named map items are displayed using lower case characters, thus are virtually illegible (Edge 705 displays characters in crisp upper case). Additionally, upcoming streets which are clearly displayed on the map, typically do not display street names at any zoom level. Even the road one is cycling on, typically has no name shown and it takes several steps to get the name displayed. Very dangerous while cycling! On Edge 705 it takes one step – moving ‘handle’ up/down displays GPS coordinates, then street name at the top of the screen.
And, Yes! There are a settings for larger text, larger map points, user points (WayPoints), zooming options, etc.
Unfortunately, these features do not work at this time!
There are other issues as well…but, the bottom line is;
Do not rush to your local bike store or ‘online bike gadgets’ to purchase the Garmin Edge 800 as of now!
You will end up like me – returning the unit, especially if you are used to cycling with the Edge 705, Edge 500 or even Edge 305.
Give Garmin at least 4 to 9 months to sort few things out. I continue to be in contact with their support team sharing my findings and recommendations!
You are welcome to contact me with any questions.
Please share my findings with other cyclists…
Aleksander Szlam

1.404.543.4729 mobile
1.678.297.2993 office

One response to “READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY Garmin’s 800 computer

  1. I’m pleased to land on this post. I wanted to thank you for puting together this fantastic article!! I liked every part of it and I also have this website saved to my favs so I can check out your new articles.

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