NEW Video from 1st ever Jackson County Brevet on YouTube

Yes, I know the Jackson County Brevet was back in June but you can say I have been quite busy on other projects at home.  This is some video I shot while running around before the start of our incredibly successful event.  Think I know just about everyone in the video, with a few small exceptions.  I can’t thank all my cycling friends and clients who showed up in HUGE numbers to support this event and make it arguably metro Atlanta’s most successful 1st year century bike ride event.  With all your support and participation, we raised $25,000 for our charity, Aplastic Anemia.


Driven by the fact my wife Kelly suffers from this disease, I felt compelled to do something to help make a difference.  Three months later, you helped to make history in a small town called Braselton, GA.  They were blown away by almost 600 cyclists; just wait till next year when we have double that!!!

The current President of Aplastic Anemia actually called me and Kelly to personally thank us and told us this was THE most successful 1st year fund raising event on behalf of Aplastic Anemia, comparing it to one event (their largest to date) he said was 8 years old and just now hit $35,000.

Everyone who participated, volunteered, rode, donated, etc. are the ones we all need to thank.  Without incredible teamwork, this would still be just a dream.

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