Cycling NEEDS Your Support NOW!!!!

If you have not heard of, then now is the time.  Very important votes coming up in Congress so don’t pass this easy opportunity by.  Below is an email from

Thanks again for signing the pledge in support of safer and better bicycling. You and 180,000 other Americans are powering this important movement.

Now, as the campaign enters phase 2, we need your helpWe need you to send a short email today to your U.S. Representative that affirms your interest in safe and convenient bicycling, and asks your member of Congress to support ongoing funding for bike projects and crucial programs such as Safe Routes to School.

We are sorry to report that some members of Congress, particularly in the House of Representatives, want to dramatically (and disproportionally) cut the cost-effective federal investment in bicycling projects and programs, like bike paths, bike lanes, trails, and more. They simply don’t know (or overlook) these facts:

  • Bicycling and walking are essential to our communities.
  • Federal transportation investments that support these activities boost our economy, help individuals and government agencies save money, and directly address key societal challenges such as obesity and road congestion.
  • Biking and walking currently total 12% of the trips that Americans make but cost just 1.5% of our transportation spending. That’s the type of cost effectiveness we need now!

We’ve gathered lots of statistics and case studies that back these key points. You can read them here.

In the next two months, Congress will make important decisions that will not only affect the future of bicycling, but possibly your own hometown bike riding experiences. That’s why we need you to send a short note now to your U.S. Representative.

You can find your representative and send your note directly from our website. Click here to review clear, basic, suggested text for your email. Feel free to customize it and/or add a short personal story.

Thanks for taking time to respond and having your voice/support for cycling…count!

See ya on the road…



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