One Bike Last Year. Two Bikes This Year!!!

In our inaugural Jackson County Brevet charity bike event, we raffled off a 2010 Cannondale CAAD9 road bike.  The lucky winner was MIchael Lederer from Suwanee, GA.  You can bet he was extremely excited about winning a new bike and loves it (his words).   Can you see the big grin on his face here?


Well, that was last year.  For our 2nd annual ride on June 18th this year, we are giving you double the chance of winning.  How?  We now have two road bikes we will be raffling this year.  What are they?  Check these out…






Now, you have the chance to win an aluminum or a full carbon road bike.  We are very excited about creating more chances for you to win; not just inexpensive stuff you really don’t want, but good quality stuff that I would personally buy for myself.

We hope you are excited about this as much as we are.  Look for the raffle tickets to be available for purchase in early February.  All details, updates, announcements, etc. will be posted on our Jackson County Brevet Facebook page.  Not a fan yet?  Please join the ever growing list of fans.


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