HB 180 (3-Ft Safe Passing Bill) NOT Officially Law….Yet!!!

UPDATE— On my original post a few days ago (see below) regarding HB180 has now passed in the House Public Safety Committee…but is NOT GA Law…yet.   Here is the road it must travel before becoming law:

Current status:

  • HB 180 now goes to Rules Committee:  If passed, then HB180 goes to the full House floor for a vote.  If passes, then…
  • If HB180 passed in the full House, then it goes to the Senate for debate.  If it passes debate, then…
  • HB180 goes to the full Senate floor for a vote.  If it passes full Senate floor, then…
  • HB180 goes to the Governor for signature.  HB180 ONLY becomes law after the Governor signed the bill into GA Law, taking affect approximately June/July timeframe.

Therefore, the battle has a long way to go…so keep the pressure up on your elected officials.  Stay tuned here as we bring you a list of officials you need to contact at specific times, especially when this transfers to the Senate.  Let’s join forces and make this a reality, in honor of Tony Serrano.

See ya on the road…




Please note that the House Public Safety Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 2 at 3:00pm for a hearing on HB 180, the Three Foot Safe Passing bill.  Emails & calls to the Public Safety committee members are in order!

Georgia Bikes Info Page and White Paper: http://georgiabikes.org/index.php/blog/111-hb180
Committee web page: http://www1.legis.ga.gov/legis/2011_12/house/Committees/publicSafety/gahpshs.htm

Lucia Hames – Administrative Assistant, lucia.hames@house.ga.gov
Abby Day – Committee Aide, abby.day@house.ga.gov

Committee Members (name, district, email)

Jay Neal    1    jay.neal@house.ga.gov
Kevin Cooke    18    kevin.cooke@house.ga.gov
Doug Collins    27    doug.collins@house.ga.gov
Timothy Bearden    68    tim.bearden@house.ga.gov
Billy Horne    71    gahouse71@yahoo.com
Gloria Frazier    123    frazier26@comcast.net
Billy Maddox    127    billy.maddox@house.ga.gov
Mack Jackson    142    mack.jackson@house.ga.gov
Willie Talton    145    willie.talton@house.ga.gov
Bob Hanner    148    bob.hanner@house.ga.gov
Yasmin Neal    75    yasmin.neal@house.ga.gov
Scott Holcomb    82    scott@repscottholcomb.com

Joe Seconder




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