Podium Sweep by GA’s REALCYCLIST.COM Pro Cycling Team

When the official announcement came regarding the newest pro cycling team in the USA, that was exciting.  Soon thereafter when UCI posted its rankings for USA pro teams for 2011 and listed REALCYCLIST.COM pro team as #1, that just rocked the house…especially here in Georgia.  As their racing season started and they won the top podium spot 100% every time, you got goose bumps about just how incredible this team is.  Now that they, not only took the top podium spot….yet again…they swept the other two top spots.  If Georgia cyclists can’t get excited about this team by now, then you don’t have a heart beat.


Team Podium Sweep in Albany, GA

We (Georgia cyclists) need to rally around our hometown team and let them know who shouts the loudest for them, whether that’s literally at a race or figuratively through all the social media sites, their Facebook page, etc.  Let’s throw out the best southern hospitality for these guys and the leadership of Jason Kriel of OnTheRivet Management every time we get.

Check out their race schedule HERE.  If you are anywhere near a race, go out and yell as loud as you can for these guys.  If not, flood their Facebook page with support, congratulations, etc. so that they get the message.  Can you say I am excited about our homeboys?

I am following and supporting them from the start; are you?  Let’s see where the REALCYCLIST.COM pro team takes us in the world of cycling for 2011…from Georgia and beyond.

See ya on the road…




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