Vote NOW To Help A Fellow Cyclist Live Her Dream

With a Lance type comback, Michele Zebrowitz had a bad bike crash last year and suffered LOTS of back injuries.  With a tenacious and a ‘never-quit’ attitude, she has defied all odds and is back on the bike kickin butt.  Her first love is mountain bikes (I’m working on her re-prioritizing to road) and now she has a chance of a lifetime to join a pro team and do some racing out west with the Topeak Ergon Racing Team.

To help Michele is VERY SIMPLE:  Click HERE (Topeak Ergon Facebook page), click on “LIKE’ at the top of the page, then scroll down till you see Michele’s post and entry video.  All you have to do is click ‘LIKE’ under her video and that casts your vote.  The entry that has the most ‘LIKES’, wins the trip to AZ and join the team.  Leaving a comment will help, too.

Let’s see if we can put Michele over the top and send her to AZ…just by clicking ‘LIKE’.


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