Cycling Patriarch To Metro Atlanta

For anyone who has been cycling in Atlanta and has not heard of the infamous Tommy Hanks, then you haven’t met one of the great patriarchs to our cycling community.  For years, he has been providing incredible cycling information to us on group rides, special events and anything cycling.  He has an extremely popular and active email newsletter, that if you are not already subscribed, then all you have to do is click HERE.   He even has his own website, and his website dedicated to cycling,


1984 Calloway Gardens Triathlon.



Tommy has served our county proud from his military involvement in Vietnam in the mid 60’s.  If nothing else, any time you see Tommy, I encourage you to look him in the eyes and tell him you sincerely appreciate his military service…as well as any other military personnel you see.  For us who have never served, we cannot begin to imagine the sacrifice on their part, along with the incredible sacrifice their families make.

I have been across this country several times in a plane but Tommy did it many years ago in a Ford van.  Now that’s dedication and a memorable experience, for sure.  I wonder which one he would choose today?

Being retired from a stockbroker, this gives Tommy all this time to keep up with two websites, a very active blog, twitter, his wife of 38 years…and some time left over to ride his bike.  Speaking of his wife, Linda has ventured out by sharing her Italian culinary expertise via her website,








I think it is safe to say Tommy ain’t gonna go hungry with Linda in the house.   Check out her website and even join her newsletter.  If you love Italian, get plugged into Linda’s Italian Table.








And, if you love cycling, then get plugged into Tommy Hanks and Bike Atlanta and Twitter.  Now, you have your stomach and exercise covered by two of the greatest…


Click the Twitter icon to follow Tommy on Twitter.







See ya on the road…



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