North Atlanta Riding Club (NARC) & Jackson County Brevet

If you have been riding bikes around for any amount of time, you have been bound to have come across a NARC club member proudly wearing their club jerseys.  NARC is one of Atlanta’s largest and one of the most active cycling clubs, boasting over 54,000 miles ridden by club members in 2010.  Just thinking about that makes me tired and my legs feel like jello.

This week, NARC President Ray Miller made the official announcement that the Jackson County Brevet will be one the the club’s ‘paid rides’.  As a club member, comes two paid rides, among other great schwag!!!  With a typical showing of some 150-250 (avg) members at these paid rides, you can see why the great excitement for this announcement for our charity ride.

We are very humbled and proud to have NARC support our charity ride.  Look for the NARC canopy at the start/finish venue on June 18th and see how you can become a member of a great group of cyclists…and get two paid rides to boot!!!

This year’s 2nd annual Jackson County Brevet is limiting registration to the first 1,200 who sign up.  After just a couple of weeks since registration opened, 250 have already guaranteed their spot for June 18th.  With the announcement of NARC’s partnership, you can see this is cutting into the coveted 1,200 spots pretty quickly.

Don’t hesitate, click HERE to register now and secure your spot and support our 2nd annual event.  Want to keep up with all the latest news?  Follow us on our Facebook page.


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