Cobb Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run

Hearing the news that our cycling community had suffered a tragic loss, was compounded by the news that it was a hit and run.  With a search for the driver and vehicle, later the same day he drove to police.  Read the full story below.

If anyone knows our fallen comrade, please let us know how we can help his family.


Police arrested the man they believe hit and killed a cyclist on a Cobb County road Saturday.

Cobb County Police DepartmentInvestigators believe this Chevrolet Trailblazer is similar to the vehicle the suspect in a fatal hit-and-run was driving early Saturday in Cobb County.

Ernest Terrell Maxwell, 43, of Austell, was riding a bicycle eastbound on Clay Road near Warren Drive just before 6:30 a.m. when he was hit from behind by a vehicle that kept on going, authorities said. Maxwell was thrown from the bike and pronounced dead at the scene.

The male driver was last seen traveling eastbound toward Austell Road, Cobb County police said.

After interviewing witnesses and inspecting the scene, investigators concluded that the vehicle was a silver 2002 to 2009 Chevrolet TrailBlazer. They suspected that it was missing an antenna and had damage to the right front, including the headlight assembly, fender and bumper.

Later in the day, Brian A. Rolle, 37, of Powder Springs, drove to a Cobb police precinct to file a report about damage to his 2004 TrailBlazer. At around 5 p.m., Rolle told police that he’d hit something. The damage was consistent with the vehicle in the hit-and-run, said Officer Joe Hernandez of the Cobb police.

Rolle was charged with first degree vehicular homicide, hit and run and expired tag, and was taken to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.



One response to “Cobb Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run

  1. This message is for the brother of MR. Maxwell…Gary im trying to get in touch with you and Renea if this message get to you or someone in the family please have GARY MAXWELL to call me at 678.698.1181……I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your brother my heart goes out to you and your family .please contact me

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