GA Has A One-Day Classic Race: Atlantis Hydroponics Toccoa World Cup

If you are a cycling nut like me, then you have watched some of the best one-day classics like the Paris-Roubaux.  Now, you can add GA to that list for one-day classics.   The very popular Winter Bike League has helped to make this a reality.

The WBL, Inc. and SFS, LLC are proud to present: The Atlantis Hydroponics Toccoa World CupThat’s right, the WBL has teamed up with the SFS to present the real spring classic, Toccoa, a 6-hour/120 mile affair ridden over the rippled lands to the north. Sag vehicle plus moped assisted.

When: Saturday (21 May) (push back 1 week if bad weather)

Where: The Hub / Jittery Joes (5 Points) 

Time: 9 a.m. (window open)

Length: 120 miles / 6 hours plus (127 w/ final Pink Church optional attack zone loop)

Exit Route: Milledge > Hill Street > North Avenue > Nowhere Road

Store Stops: (1) Toccoa (Mile 54), (2) Commerce (Mile 94)

Pee Break: approx. 1 hour in

Sprints: tba

Final Attack Zone / Sprint: Pink Church Circuit Loop (8 miles): The Attack Zone opens at the right hand turn at Alligator Pond off Jefferson River Road. Go 1 mile up the hill and sprint across the Pink Church line for $25. Keep going—take the next 4 right hand turns and come back around and sprint at the Pink Church line for the win. ($200 plus da box.)

Interactive directions:

Text directions:

Parking: Ride your bike down, park on a side street nearby.


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