Cycling Fatality At Stone Mountain Park

ATTENTION:  Stone Mountain Park Police will, at times, erect barricades across the street, put up large signs in the middle of the streets (which become instant dangers to cyclists)

Subject: Rider at Stone Mountain- this past Saturday

The gentlemen’s name was Martin Amestoy.  This is information from his daughter.

Dad died Saturday morning as a result of head trauma from a bicycle
accident at 7:55am in Stone Mountain Park. According to witnesses on
the site, he came down a hill with his head down and never saw the
plastic barricade he ran into which had been set up by the park for a
walk that morning. My dad knew this loop at the park like the back of
his hand. He had been either running or riding this exact path for
over 25 years from the time we lived in Redan Park. He probably
already passed by this place once or twice earlier that morning on
his bike before the barricade was set up and had no reason to believe
anything would be in the road way the next time he came around the
loop. He was wearing a helmet which got pushed back on his head on
impact with the ground. He was unconscious from the point he hit the
ground until he passed at Grady hospital a few hours later when his
heart stopped.


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