EXTREME 2-Wheel Event. You GOTTA Watch This!!!

Ever heard of the Isle of Man Time Trial?  No, it’s NOT the time trial that comes to a cyclists’ mind.  This is off the freakin charts of crazy and fast.  Before today, I had never heard of the IOMTT but boy did it bring back memories as I used to race motorcycles in the Southeast at tracks like Talledega, Daytona and others not quite so famous to the general public.  Yep, I use to race at speeds just like in this video clip….but never over a road course like this video.

If you have ever heard me say I am addicted to speed, then watch this video and then you’ll understand why speed is in my blood.  Once you race at hair-raising speeds of 180+ mph, it’s really hard to totally get that out of your system.  No, I don’t race motorcycles…or road bicycles anymore…but I DO love to go as fast as possible on my Cannondale road bike.

Hope you enjoy the show…   After watching, don’t get any crazy ideas of pushing the limit like this on a road bicycle.  I’ve tried to lean off my Cannondale as far as I used to on my Suzuki GSXR750 but my shoes always come unclipped…and I run out of rubber grip.  If you ever ride the GAPS with me, or ANY downhill, now you’ll know why my DNA won’t allow me to coast downhill; I have to attack the downhill just like it’s a hill to climb.  Oh well…

Now it’s time to calm down…..

See ya in the road…


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