November Edition of Coaching Corner: 2 Part Endurance Series…

If you are not a member of Southern Bicycle League (SBL) or already have access to my FREE TIPS section on, then you haven’t read my latest 2 Part Series on Tips for Endurance.  The November edition focuses on a few key components that will get you in the right mindset to build lasting endurance.  Not signed up for my online FREE TIPS?  Send me an email at, with PASSWORD REQUEST in the subject line or…

click on the following screen on  the FREE TIPS page of

Part 2 (December’s edition) will spell out a very specific endurance drill that focuses on hill repeats…everybody’s favorite, right?  NOT!!.  There are lots of interval or repeat training techniques but I lay out the details for one specific approach that has done wonders for countless of my clients who implemented it.  Part 2 will be posted on the first week of December.

I hope you give me feedback on both editions and if you actually take on the drill in December’s edition, I would love to hear about it.  Feedback is always welcomed by sending an email to, with FEEDBACK in the subject line.

See ya on the road…


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