Winter Base Layer: Product Review

You must know up front that a couple of years ago I had to wear 3-4 jerseys and a winter jacket to be able to ride in 30 degree temps.  It took that, along with several layers on my hands so that I wouldn’t lose my teeth from chattering together so much.  Fast forward a few years and what you will find me wearing in those same 30 degree temps….my Craft Windstopper baselayer and my long sleeve summer jersey with arm warmers.

Like the Rav-X gloves I highlighted in my recent product review, I have spent $100’s over the years trying to find the most effective protection without feeling like I’m wearing a winter snow ski coat or one of those NFL coats.  I don’t like feeling bulky or wearing a bunch of layers.  In my many purchases and experiments, the Craft Windstopper baselayer is THE BEST.  Imagine riding in 30’s with the wind chill several degrees lower than that…and being toasty.  Yes, you feel the pressure of the wind hitting you….but NOT the cold that comes with it.  The very first time I wore this was 24 degrees with the wind chill at 18.  I did a 50 training ride with the team I use to race with and was blown away (no pun intended) that I felt the wind but not the cold; I was amazed.

Then, $90 each, I went the next day and bought 2 more, so that I would rotate them and last much longer over time.  Never regretted spending that amount and for winter riding, it was the best money I’d spent.  Like all my cycling apparel, I wash in cold water with non-frangrance, non-bleach, etc. soap and then I let them all air dry.  About every other month, I will throw those pieces that have elastic banding into the dryer to help bring back the stretch.  For the Windstopper, I never put in the dryer; I always let it air dry.

So, if you get cold REALLY quick or just can’t handle cold riding (until now), take my 14 years and 115,000+ miles of riding experience.  Literally, I’ve tried every brand over the years, just like the winter gloves I just wrote about.  In this case, the extra money does pay off.  Countless riders have taken my referral on this baselayer and have come back raving.  If they bought one themselves, that really tells you something.

Is there a cycling item/accessory that you are just not sure about?  Not that I know everything about everything (and I don’t), but if you have a question about something that I DO know, I will be happy to share my experiences to help you avoid the very bad mistakes I have made.

See ya on the road…(in the cold)


One response to “Winter Base Layer: Product Review

  1. Robert, this jersey seems to have disappeared—link doesn’t work. I looked for the jersey but looks like they changed name or changed it a bit—do you have any info on it? Thank you

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