No More Energy Bars or Gels: Get ALL You Need In The Bottle

If you have been cycling for a short time or even for many years, the industry is sort of set up for us buying into the necessity of having to have energy bars and/or gels for when we ride…especially if it is several hours.  I understand.  I rode for 9 years buying into the retail setup and you would always find plenty of gels and energy bars/food on me when I was riding, especially longer distances.  That’s just normal, right?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, if that’s all you know and if you have limited yourself in education and being open to other alternatives.  No, if you ever tried INFINIT NUTRITION and realize this is the real deal, no gimmicks.

Remember, technology never goes backwards so why not be open minded about trying something that,

1.  simple

2.  absolutely works, and

3.  SAVES you LOTS of money!!!

As a professional cycling coach, I have had clients and other cyclists ask me all the time about my recommendation about all kinds of cycling related items, etc.  If I can honestly give them an answer, I will; if I don’t have first hand knowledge then I tell them that.  When it came to energy drinks, that was probably the most asked about item.  Even before I launched, I really wanted to find an energy drink that I could wrap my arms around.  It had to natural, taste good, affordable…and actually work.

My previous roommate Ted pointed me in the right direction and my 3 year search ended.  That’s when he told me about INFINIT.  At first, and probably like you, when I found out that all I needed was in the bottle and that I didn’t have to buy bars/gels anymore, I was VERY skeptical.   But, he was quite convincing and kept going back to the fact that it worked.  My next step was calling the founder of INFINIT, Michael Folan.  For about 30 minutes, I picked his brain on every angle and he was rock solid.  Even though he has an online interview process that helps create your unique formula, I wanted to speak directly to the founder and see if what he came up with from our conversation was even remotely close to what his website would create.  To my amazement, his verbal formula was identical to the online formula.  Why was this important?  If I am going to recommend to my clients, I needed to be absolutely certain that the online interview was just as good as speaking with the man who created it.  I placed my order.

Here is what separates INFINIT from everyone one else in the energy drink/mix industry:

1.  it’s ALL natural (yes, Hammer has that, too)

2.  you can fully customize a formula specific to you (no competition)

3.  everything you need while riding is IN the bottle. (no more bars/gels)

4.  you can even adjust the amount of flavoring

I tried INFINIT for 3 months under conditions ranging from crit/circuit races to long endurance rides in excess of 4 hours, and also LOTS of GAPS rides mixed in.  Honestly (and if you know me you know I am), I was amazed at:  a. how much better I felt at the end of my rides/races, b. that I never felt hungry, even on 4+ hr rides, and c. how much better I felt while actually riding.  Let me tell you, feeling THAT good and not having a single bar/gel utterly amazed me.  This is when I started to recommend INFINIT without hesitation.  BTW, you feel better while riding because your body is not stealing precious energy from your cycling effort to digest/process the food that you just ate.

I have a formula for endurance rides and one for shorter, intense rides.  As a former neighbor use to say all the time, “This is THE BOMB”.  No gimmicks, no hype…just the real deal.  Now for full disclosure, so that you don’t think I am recommending INFINIT because they pay me: INFINIT has NO financial endorsements to anyone, including pro athletes (as I understand); they get product for free but are not paid.  As a coach and part of their coach program, I receive the equivalent of about $0.50 to $1.00 credit for every order placed using my PROMO CODE:  mycyclecoach.  BTW, use this code and you get 10% off your orders.  Anyway, I don’t do this for the huge credit of $0.50; that doesn’t get me excited or motivated; I tell everyone about INFINIT because it works and saves me money.

If you are a habitual bar/gel purchaser, then I challenge you to take the online interview, create your own formula and leave all that other stuff at home.

See ya on the road…


One response to “No More Energy Bars or Gels: Get ALL You Need In The Bottle

  1. I ordered infinit for my husband who is a UPS driver it helps him avoid the drain in energy by eating a large meal in the heat! Helped eliminate leg cramps at night as well. My football player son has also started the powder as a replacement to just water and Gatorade and I have noticed improved energy and performance. Last but not least my formulation has replaced using gels or bars which I was not happy with taste or texture of either! Try it it is worth it

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