Another Chance to WIN: Have to be 1ST….

With registration opening tomorrow for our 3rd annual Jackson County Brevet, we thought we would sweeten the deal just a bit.  Be the first person to register tomorrow and you will be invited to join our prestigious Lead Out Group AND be apart of the Official JCB Photo. (must be at least 16yrs old)

There are only two ways you can be a part of these two special features:   1.  choose the Voluntary Fundraising Option and raise the appropriate amount, or 2.  win random contests (like the one above).

Another contest that is up for grabs is to WIN a FREE Entry to the event.  How?  Just be the 25th person to register AND purchase JCB Cycling Apparel (min of a jersey) and you too will receive that same invitation to join our prestigious Lead Out Group AND be apart of the Official JCB Photo. (must be at least 16yrs old).  The winner will receive a credit back on their credit card for the registration amount.  This contest is limited to those who register with the Flat Fee option.

We are excited to serve you as our special guest on June 16th.

See ya on the road…



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