Get Ready To Ride 100 Miles: Century Challenge Part 1


I am writing a series of articles on getting prepared and in shape to ride 100 miles.  I am gearing this series towards those who have never ridden a century or who may have done one but not ridden for a while.  I am going to cover all the basis:  mental toughness, physical toughness, nutrition, etc.  This series will start March 1st and go thru June, leading up to our 3rd annual Jackson County Brevet century ride on June 16th.

For each monthly article, I will include some training tips, along with a riding schedule for you to follow.  Since we have 14 weeks to prepare, this is a great opportunity for those first timers to jump on board and take the challenge.  I will be guiding you thru the build up phase, with plenty of time to get your base miles in.  With that said, I created the riding schedule for weekend rides only.  Obviously, you can do more but for those with crazy schedules, doing a weekend ride is more doable.

In addition, I created a Jackson County Brevet Century Challenge Facebook page for anyone who is taking the Century Challenge.  Now, you have a forum to share your experiences, your challenges, your celebrations, your pictures, your questions; you name it.  It’s always good to connect with others that are going for the same goal.

Finally, one new addition to the 3rd annual Jackson County Brevet is our monthly Training Rides.  My goal is to coordinate the riding schedule so that you will be able to join in on at least two of the three Training Rides.  Click HERE for details on the Training Rides.

Not only will this series be posted on my FREE TIPS page on, it will also be featured in Southern Bicycle League’s monthly FreeWheelin online magazine.  Not signed up to receive it?   Click HERE to join the list (top right of page).

Are you ready for the challenge?  Let’s rock and roll.  Watch for my March 1st Part 1 article.

See ya on the road…



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