FINALLY: Group Riding For Everyone…






Bike Roswell University was created by Bike Roswell in order to provide real life education that can make a difference for cyclists, no matter how short or long you have been riding.  I have been invited to be a guest host for Group Riding.  This will be unlike anything you have heard before with very specific details on what really goes on in a group ride…whether you realize it or not.

Ever wanted to join a group ride but have not…for whatever reason?  Are you currently participating in group rides but are not really clear about your responsibilities and how it works?  Do you know what to look out for to avoid crashes? How do you decide which cyclist is safe enough to ride behind?

Some Topics include:
•how to maintain a steady pace without sudden changes in your momentum
•emergency maneuvers with balance/control
•braking through turns while maintaining your line
•transitioning out of the saddle without losing momentum and avoiding rear end collisions
•learning where the safest places are (and are not) to ride in a group
DATE/TIME:  March 17, 2012  2:30 – 4:00 pm.
LOCATION:  Roswell Area Park   MAP
Properly working helmets and bicycles are required for the group ride.
Class size is limited to 10 spots and registration has already begun.  Hope to see you on the 17th or a seminar that you won’t soon forget.  I guarantee it…
Click HERE to register….
See ya on the road…


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