Riding a Century: Part II


Hopefully you had the chance to read Part I of my three part series on how to get ready to ride your first century ride.  Now, Part II is uploaded and ready to read under FREE TIPS page at www.mycyclecoach.com.

There are way too many training “training plans” on the internet to generally help you put an actual riding distance plan together.  However, in each of the three Part series, I include a very basic and slow build up schedule for distance.  The focus of this series is on components that you may never even think of but will certainly help you in getting past the finish line.  Yes, the physical aspect of actually riding 100 miles is quite daunting but so are the other aspects that I spotlight.

Be on the lookout for Part III on May 1st, when we will wrap up this series.  Only thing remaining is crossing the finish line.

See ya on the road…


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