WIN Cycling Apparel + Training Ride #2

TRAINING RIDE #2      APRIL 14, 2011

Our first Training Ride for the Jackson County Brevet was a huge success.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with everyone excited about the next one.  That will be on the 14th.

Expect an average pace of 16mph.  This ride is NOT about speed; it is about building base miles, so if you just want to ride fast, this is not the group ride for you.  This ride is about riding together as a group in a very organized double paceline.  Click HERE for details.


Register for the Jackson County Brevet and purchase 20 raffle tickets between April 1 – 13th; your name will go into a drawing for a FREE full JCB cycling kit (jersey, shorts & gloves), $160 value.  The winner will also get their kit back in time to wear at this year’s ride on June 16th.   Click HERE to register.

See ya on the road…


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