Robert’s 50th Birthday 50 Mile Bike Ride, Nov 11th

Still sinking in that I turned 50 on Nov 4th.  Yikes, where did time go??  Only fitting for a hard core cyclist to celebrate with a bike ride.  I have chosen on of my TOP 5 routes in metro Atlanta, called ‘The Gratis Ride”.  Once you ride this route, you’ll know why it’s one of my favorites.

DATE:  November 11th, 2012

TIME:  9:30 Roll Time  (make sure you get there early enough to be ready to ride at 9:30)

PLACE:  Apalachee Cycles (Dacula, GA)  Click HERE for map.

ROUTE:  Flat, rollers and about 4-5 (short) climbs.  We ride as a group and will probably average approx. 18mph.  Regroup points, as necessary and store stop at mile 28.

CONTEST:  Since Robert is always in yellow, we’re going to have a Yellow Contest for the cyclist who is wearing the MOST yellow.  Bike decoration counts….  Cool Prize for the Winner.


LAWRENCEVILLE CO-OP—   The annual One Can Ride will be the day before this ride, where can goods, etc. are being donated to help the Lawrenceville Co-Op.  Click HERE if you would like to bring any ‘most-needed items’.  Donations are not mandatory, but certainly welcomed…

Hope to have you join us for a great ride!!!!

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