There are all kinds of wheelsets out there to choose from, with  names such as Zipp, Dura ace, Mavic, etc.  In the carbon world of wheel sets, you can get just about any deep dish wheelset size, all the way up to a full carbon disk rear wheel.

With that said, what I saw, held and foamed at the mouth just recently, regarding carbon wheel sets, the first words out of my mouth…after I finally took a breath…was “this is a game changer”.  Because official information has not been released, I am not at liberty to give any details, but when this hits, I think you’ll see why I said what I said.

As soon as I have been given authorization to disclose any info, you can absolutely bet I’ll have a Blog post out asap.  If the thought has entered your mind about any type of new wheels in the foreseeable future, hold off till this news hits.  It’s gonna be worth the wait.

That all for now.  But, not for long.  Keep an eye out and you’ll know it when you see it.

See ya on the road…



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