LANCE To Speak Out Next Week on Oprah…

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Every cyclist seems to have an opinion about the whole Lance allegations, etc. and countless have asked me of my opinion…which I have opted not to comment.  Something told me that ‘eventually’ we all would hear from Lance himself.  Now, we get that chance Thursday, January 17th, from 9pm – 10:30pm (est) on OWN cable channel.  The interview will also be streaming live on

Something tells me this interview will probably draw more views and watched by more people than the Super Bowl, Tour Championship and any other major, significant sporting event.

Next week’s interview brings back memories of Floyd Landis, as he toured the country begging for our money to help pay his legal fees to fight his innocence.  Well, we all know where that ended.  The worst part about that was how he ‘took’ our money…knowing all the time he was totally guilty.  Though Lance has not done the legal fee tour like Floyd, he has always been adamant about never doping…or his actual words have been “I’ve never tested positive”.

Oh well.  Will all this be totally settled next week?  Who knows.  But like you, I will be listening to every word.

It’s a incredible shame that we live in a world where people just can’t admit their mistakes, apologize for them and ask for forgiveness.  Reality is that the majority immediately blame everyone else, continue to lie until they know they are about to be totally revealed…and then come out with some song and dance of how sorry they really are.  For those who walk down this road, I have no respect for.

What will Lance say?  Tune in next week.

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