There’s a new game in town and they are not what you would typically find.  My visit to ENERGYLAB gave me many surprises that you just don’t find at other ones.  For example, you are not limited to just Shimano SPD ‘typical’ pedals on their CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycles; ENERGYLAB has them all, from Look Keo, Speedplay, Delta…and of course, those SPD’s.  How come no one has ever thought about that before?  Want to bring your own bike?  No problem.

More than a spin class, more than an outdoor ride, energy lab classes are one of a kind. You can ride one of our top of the line CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycles  or bring your own bike to use in conjunction with a CompuTrainer. With our CycleOps bikes you control the power, slope, and gearing with the touch of a button. The onboard Joule computer measures every aspect of your performance. Prefer to bring your own ride? Supercharge your bike by pairing it with one of our eight CompuTrainers. The CompuTrainer will work with your bike enabling you to set appropriate resistance and power levels based on instructor cues.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 5.11.38 PM


Specifically customized to you

 No cookie-cutter cycling classes here. You will work in specific intensities and heart rate zones based on your ‘magic number’ or one hour power. This type of targeted training takes the guesswork out of your rides. Don’t just hope you’re putting in the right work to get faster and in better shape, be 100% confident.

Progressive training

If you’re truly serious about improving your cycling ability then our progressive series classes are where it’s at. You sign up in advance for a 12 week series of weekly classes, same time every week. You will perform baseline testing to see where you’re starting from then the sky’s the limit to where you will go.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 5.11.58 PM


    Just looking for a good workout?

They  allow drop-ins in any of our classes held 2-3 times daily.  Guaranteed to work with your current fitness level, whether you’re getting on a bike for the first time or a bona fide pro. Instructors will help you to hit the appropriate intensity levels and have an exciting one-of-kind experience. They’re so sure you’ll like it, the first class is FREE!




If you have ever thought about taking a spin class, you owe it to yourself to check out…not the competition…but the difference.  Totally impressed, all the way around.  Located in the heart of Emory, you can get to ENERGYLAB from just about any direction!!!

See ya on the road…



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