Registration OPEN- 4th Jackson County Brevet

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With so many aspects of our ride being NEW this year, we finally have Registration OPEN.  We hope you enjoy our brand new website, where it automatically formats to your mobile device or computer.  Oh, you can register with your mobile device, too!!

THE BEST THING that could ever happen for our event….did.  THE KELLY WILHITE APLASTIC ANEMIA RESEARCH FUND at Emory University (in honor of my bride Kelly) was established last month.  All proceeds from the Jackson Co Brevet will be donated to this new Fund, where 100% of every penny will go DIRECTLY to clinical research.  Now, more than ever, every dime we raise from our event will have a direct impact on forcing a change to an outdated, 27 year old treatment for Aplastic Anemia.

What we raise locally, stays locally.  Partnering with Emory University is a pretty big deal.  We couldn’t be more excited about the impact our event will have on Aplastic Anemia patients.

MONTHLY GIVEAWAY—      With Registration OPEN, comes our first monthly GiveAway:  Register AND purchase JCB Event apparel (min of a Jersey) by April 5th, 3pm (est), and your name goes into a drawing for 30 Raffle Tickets…where you have the chance to win a 2013 Cannondale CAAD 10 3 road bike.   Remember, all proceeds goes directly to clinical research…

1st Monthly WarmUP Ride   (March 23rd)      Come join our very popular WarmUP Rides.  We ride as a group in an organized fashion, with an average of approximately 16mph.  Click HERE for all details.

Excited to see everyone on June 15th in Braselton…


One response to “Registration OPEN- 4th Jackson County Brevet

  1. Robert, is this a 501(c)(3) organization that will get matching funds?

    Hope all is well. Are you doing the Roswell Mayors Ride the end of April?

    Larry B

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