MS 150 Climbing Clinic AND Training Ride






DATE:  Sept 7th, Saturday

TIME:  8am

PLACE:  Stone Mtn Park  (enter West Gate, turn right and park in main parking lot on left)

DISTANCE:  Accumulative 2-3 miles of climbing.

COST:  $85 for MS 150 Team Members.     $125 for NON-MS 150 Team Members.

As a MS 150 Team member and Team Coach, I created this Clinic to give MS 150 cyclists a great opportunity to learn how to immediately improve their climbing ability before the upcoming Sept. 14th event.  This 2-hr Clinic will create a realistic 20% – 35% climbing improvement for those who attend.

The Clinic will consist of discussing multiple climbing topics, followed by demonstrations and then participant implementation.

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NOTE:  The Clinic is followed by the FINAL MS 150 Team Training Ride, which starts at 10:30am.  All MS 150 Teams are invited to join the Climbing Clinic, as well as the Training Ride.  

To participate in the Training Ride, please email 





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