GA Cyclists: MUST READ on Proposed Legislation Against Cyclists

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Georgia HB 689 (introduced on the last day of 2013-14 Legislative Session) is going after road cyclists in several ways.  The 3 Legislators who sponsored the bill have a link at the top of the page; contact them directly, as well.

  • license plate & registration
  • changing from 2 abreast to Single File with a limit of 4 cyclists in a row.
  • many other issues.

FLOOD the 3 sponsors of this bill (mention HB 689 specifically) to express your concerns, etc.   List of  State Representative.  

Our Lt gov. Casey Cagle is our BIGGEST supporter and advocate inside our Capitol.  He is very aware of this legislation and you can bet he has our voice!!!!


Let’s make sure this Bill is dead before the next Legislative Session begins in January 2014.  


8 responses to “GA Cyclists: MUST READ on Proposed Legislation Against Cyclists

  1. Some cyclists are riding three and four abreast.This affects riders trying to do the right thing.Living in the mountains you should ride single file on narrow winding roads.At least honor traffic so they can pass.Not in favor of bicycle registration and liscense plate.Do believe bikers need to follow traffic laws and should be in forced.

    • Lindsay,
      Four main ways:
      1. contact the 3 sponsors of the legislation
      2. contact your State representatives
      3. join Georgia Bikes (GA’s largest cycling advocacy)
      4. thank Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle for his incredible efforts to represent GA’s cyclists

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