HB 689 Town Hall Mtg. Oct 7th

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OK, all the social media we have been blanketing has caused many of you to reach out to your elected representatives.   Now, as of late yesterday, a Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled for October 7th in Gainesville, to have an open four to discuss the merits of HB 689.

Yes, Gainesville is NOT the most convenient location, BUT if you can do whatever you can to attend, the more cyclists we jam into that meeting room, the more the 3 sponsors will take us seriously and heed our concerns.  Thanks to Georgia Bikes (Again) for initially sharing this information.  Hey, if you don’t support Georgia Bikes, then I hope you can see now how they are intimately involved with cycling in GA.  Please consider becoming a member via their website

DATE:  October 7th, 2013

TIME:  6pm – 8PM

LOCATION:  HALL COUNTY GOVERNMENT BLDG.  2875 Browns Bridge Rd. Gainesville, GA 30504

Prior To Meeting: 

1. PLEASE dress professional as possible.  2. If you plan to address the panel, make sure your comments are respectful and specific.  3.  Be sure to thank the Panel for hosting this meeting (this should be done 1st!!!).  Obviously, not everyone will be able to speak, so keep that in mind on Monday.

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