11Alive News Picks Up HB 689 Buzz

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Click on the video clip above regarding HB 689 that 11Alive News did.  You will meet the BIG campaign donor to some of the sponsors of the bill, that demanded to have them create this bill..all because they have been inconvenienced a bit when driving around their Hall County community.  Wow, now that’s a perfect and legitimate reason to draft a bill that will affect the entire state.  A big thanks to 11Alive News and a few others for digging up the real motivation behind this bill and for who.

If you plan to attend (which I hope you do) Monday’s Town Hall meeting, please make sure that you present yourself in a professional manner and leave emotions at the door.  Personally, I know this will be hard for me, as 3 yrs ago I saw my new bride almost being killed right before my eyes.  All because of an angry motorist with no patience.  Thank the Lord she survived.  Oh, did I mention I was the victim of a hit-and-run, too?  Yep, the truck purposefully veered to hit me and then sped off never to be found.  All because I was riding my bike where I should have been and minding my own business.  And, did I mention just a couple of weeks ago a truck buzzed me about 2-3 inches and then swerved right in front of us and slammed on his brakes?  When we got up to his window, he preceded to pull a Glock 9 mm on us.  Again, all because we were riding our bikes on the road and minding our own business.

Enough of my near-death experiences.  Let’s converge on this meeting and let these 3 sponsors of the bill know they have stirred up the hornets nest in a major, but respectful way.  It will be very interesting to see their response the days following the meeting.

Oh, if you were at the 3 GAP century start line this past Sunday, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle shared his perspective/support on the bill by giving the crowd a ‘thumbs down’.  Make sure you share your appreciation to our Lt. Gov for all his efforts to protect and grow cycling in GA.

The fat lady has not sung….yet!!!



2 responses to “11Alive News Picks Up HB 689 Buzz

  1. Thanks for keep this info in front of people. I can’t be there on Monday, but I hope anyone who is will emphasize things like the cost of just administering the program, much less policing it. In these tight economic times, that should be a major concern for people like this.

    It amazes me that people think something like this is practicable, when police can’t currently enforce speeding limits, stop texting or red light running (by cars!) or keep unlicensed DRIVERS off the road, much less find and ticket drivers who commit hit-and-run incidents. Crazy.

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