GA 3-Ft Law. Be Informed for HB 689 Town Hall Meeting

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For those who plan to attend the HB 689 Town Hall meeting this coming Monday in Gainesville see recent Blog posts for all details), it might be a good idea to have read up on our current 3-Ft Law (HB 101).  We certainly don’t want any cyclists to speak and be incorrect in their information…especially with any reference to bicycle laws.

Reading the Law, I hope, will also get countless cyclists to begin to truly ride no more than 2 abreast.  Yes, we cyclists want to have motorists to obey the 3-Ft Law but that is a 2-way street.  This is one of the most fundamental cycling laws that every road cyclists should know…AND adhere to.  Have to admit, I almost want police to hang out at many group rides around town and begin to pull over and ticket those who just ride all over the place and who choose not to take this seriously.  Hey, if I were in a car and behind a group of bikes who were riding all over the lane, even as a cyclist, I would not be a happy camper.  This totally impedes my ability to get around you sooner.  Instead of having a lane and a quarter, this forces me to get all the way over into the oncoming lane.  You get my point.

Just last night, the group ride I was in came up to an intersection where the Yield was clearly for us for oncoming traffic.  I yelled this out of stopping, while being yelled at by others in this group of why I was stopping.  Yes, I was passed on both sides by many in the group, even though the cars (from both directions) had clear right-of-way.  Me stopping put me in danger of being rear-ended by my own cycling comrades but I didn’t want to be flanked by 2 directions of cars at the same time.  Luckily, I wasn’t hit by my own and the ride continued.  Remember, this whole thing has to be a 2-way street and until both cyclists and motorists take this seriously, then the same will continue.  OK, I am done with that rant.

Be prepared.  Read and know the 3-Ft Law if you plan to speak at the meeting.  Thanks Sam for this suggestion.



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