HB 689 Town Hall Mtg– TONIGHT!!! 6-8PM

0518_2013 MyCycleCoach-329TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  What should have been held long before any legislation was drafted, today is the day for the Town Hall Meeting on behalf of HB 689.  Today is the day for all Georgia cyclists to have their voice heard and represented.  Today is the day we will look in the eyes of those who drafted this Bill and hold them accountably for its contents.  Today is the day we will demand answers for the entirety of the Bill and why we were never sought out for open discussion.

The meeting will be in Gainesville from 6-8pm.  Believe me, there will be an convergence of cyclists like this town has never seen.  We are educated, working professionals from all levels of income.   Many business owners.  Many highly educated.  We ALL love cycling!!!

With the AJC, Fox 5 and 11Alive picking up this story…even to the front page of Saturday’s AJC, the spotlight will most certainly be on Hall County tonight and those 3 who have put their names on this Bill.

IMPORTANT: For those attending, please dress in a professional looking manner.  Please conduct yourself by leaving your emotions at the door (been working on that all day today), as we want to be taken very seriously.  We want to let elected officials that we are a force to be reckoned with.

If you plan to speak, please thank those attending for their time and setting up this meeting.  I have re-written my statement/speech a few times, editing out emotional comments and focusing on real-life aspects.  I ask you to do the same.


See you in Gainesville!!!




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