ProGold Lubricants: NEW Sponsor for Atlanta Winter Bike League


Great news!!!  Our newest sponsor to jump on board with our Atlanta Winter Bike League is Pro Gold Lubricants.  For many metro Atlanta cyclists, the name Bruce Dickman is well known.  Bruce is the voice (announcer/MC) of the very popular 3GAP/6GAP annual event in Dahlonega, and he was the MC at my inaugural Jackson County Brevet.  Same goes for the annual GeorgiaRidesToTheCapitol for many years, as well as helping to lead the peleton from the Roswell starting location.

You will see several ProGold Lubricant products in our SAG vehicles during our Series.  Make sure you send a THANK YOU to Bruce via his Facebook page.  He’ll love that!!!

We are gaining traction and we are capturing the attention of more potential sponsors who want to be a part of this very unique event.  Had the responses and hits to my original Blog post about this whole idea, not been as overwhelming as they were, yet another winter season would have gone by without any organized function for recreational cyclists to participate.  Bottom line, I want to thank everyone for your floodgate of responses.  Now, its your turn to come out and participate.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2.54.05 PM As of now, there still is a registration fee (that covers SAG vehicle costs) but I am hopeful that we will be able to offer this as a FREE organized annual series.  As we receive financial donations/sponsorships this year, the registration fees will immediately be adjusted downward and all those who have previously registered, will get a nice refund.

Know of a potential sponsor?  Just send me an email to with the words POTENTIAL SPONSOR in the subject line.

See you Nov 30th for our 1st ever Series ride…..

Coach Robert

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