“The Armstrong Lie” Movie: My Sneak Preview Review

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With the special invitation from Kevin Avery, co-host of the Morning Show on 104.7 The Fish, I was able to attend the sneak preview showing of The Armstrong Lie movie at Phipps Plaza yesterday.  Just mentioning the name Lance Armstrong now (especially among cyclists), that stirs up all kinds of emotions and thoughts and I too, am one that was duped for many years.

The interesting part of this movie is that Lance hired movie director Alex Gibney to shadow Lance during his 2009 comeback to the TdF.  This was suppose to be a documentary of Lance’s comeback and hopefully, his self-predicted win in Paris.  Unfortunately, a month after the TdF, is when the whole ‘LIE’ began to unfold like a avalanche.  Even to Alex’s surprise, he now had all this footage of total, exclusive access to Lance of his relentless statement that he had always raced clean and he was again doing so in this ’09 TdF.  So much for this ‘come-back’ documentary.  Alex made a decision to finish out his project by ending the documentary with all the events that unfolded after Lance’s ’09 debut.

I have to assume that you saw Lance’s confession on Oprah.  If you were like me, then you probably felt like Lance was still not being forthright and totally honest.  That was obvious when Oprah asked him about Frankie and Betsy Andreau hospital room incident…which, when you peel the onion back far enough…was the isolated point in time of how this whole thing ‘finally’ came to light.  This documentary starts with showing Lance behind the scene, just before and just after the Oprah interview.  That pretty much set the stage of how close Alex was able to get…and stay…throughout the two hour final product.  To me, that set my expectation of finally getting to the real truth.   All of it.

The majority of the documentary highlighted all the stuff we have seen and heard about Lance’s denials but added some very interesting pieces that Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 9.51.09 AMwe have not seen and heard.  Combined together, it had me glued from the very start.  At the point where Alex realized he too had been duped like the rest of us, he told Lance that he was owed and explanation and wanted full access to the truth.  With only one component not addressed (I’ll mention that later), Alex got exactly that.  Finally, Lance explained his relationships w/doping Dr’s, how the process worked, with vignettes from Big George Hincapie and a few others that clearly showed that Lance was finally revealing stuff the public had never heard.  Also, Alex caught, throughout the documentary, footage of Lance and revealing just how arrogant he really was and how he seemingly felt he was untouchable.

The unadulterated access to Lance was powerful.  What Alex captured was riveting.  If you were ever a Lance fan and felt lied to, betrayed and all those other feelings, then I would encourage you to go see this thing.  You will gain an understanding of the complicated, intricate and increasing weave of lies and coverups that will shed light on this entire debacle in a way you have never experienced.  My hats off to Alex for doing an outstanding job of keeping me glued to every word…from start to finish.

Yes, the documentary answered all those unanswered questions that we all have had since day one.  However, there is still one question that Lance refused to address head on.  You will have to see the documentary to find out which one.

My sincere Thanks again to Kevin Avery from 104.7 The Fish for the invitation.

Coach Robert

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