Atlanta WBL: Nov 30th Latest Info / Route, etc.

Our first ever ride on Nov 30th is fast approaching so here is some info you need to know before your arrival.

1.  REGISTRATION:  Even though our 1st ride is FREE, you still need to register online.  This allows us to keep this paperless (much easier) and capture your emergency contact info, as well as an electronic liability waiver form.  If you want to register for the Nov 30th ride ONLY, use coupon code FREESGL during Checkout; this will make it free.  The coupon code expires on Nov 30th and is case-sensitive.  If you have already registered for Nov 30th ride only, you will receive a cash refund at the ride.
2.  ROUTE:  Nov 30th Route  35 Mile Route (out/back).  The route is almost pancake flat.
3.  CHECK-IN:  Every cyclist needs to Check-In with me prior to the ride start.  I’ll be super easy to spot: I’ll be the guy in the all yellow kit and a laptop in my hand (yes, it has a yellow cover).  Everyone who has not registered online, will need to fill out a typical Liability Waiver.
4.  START TIME:  We roll promptly at 9:30am.
5.  ARRIVAL:  Arrive early enough to be ready to ride no later than 9:25.  This is when Ride Announcements will start that everyone will need to know.
6.  ALTERNATE START:  NO Alternate Start location (Outback Bikes) for the Nov 30th ride.  There is plenty of parking along Peters St.  All the best (and closer) spots will be taken for the early birds.  The later you arrive, the farther you have to park.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.26.43 PM

Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s for our Riding Series….  

Please read the following guidelines very carefully.  This Winter Series is a very structured, organized ride and is specifically designed to ride as a group.  Habitual offenders and those unwilling to accept respectful correction are welcome to find other rides to join.

1.  NO Sprinting:  If you feel the need to sprint, please find another ride.  We all know that it only takes one person to blow off the front, for the entire peleton to be split apart.
2.  Steady Pace:  Our Ride Leaders are responsible for setting the pace.  When Ride Leaders rotate off the front, the same pace (at which they were riding) is expected to be maintained with the ‘new’ leaders at the front.  Deliberate, sudden or abrupt jumps in speed will not be tolerated.
3.  Double Pace line:  The peleton is limited (at all times) to ride only 2-abreast, or more commonly called a double pace line.  GA law limits cyclists (without an event permit) to ride 2-abreast.  Only during rotations, will this be an exception.
4.  Traffic Lights:  Running traffic lights will not be tolerated.  Period.
5.  Stop Signs:  Running stops signs will not be tolerated.  We will stop as a group and roll through as a group.  Routes are chosen to minimize stop signs.
6.  SAG or Mechanical Needs:  If you have any type of mechanical, the SAG vehicle will stop to help assist.  The peleton will NOT stop.  Once the mechanical has been resolved, the SAG vehicle (with you and your bike) will leapfrog the peleton, so that you can easily integrate back into the peleton.  If your issue cannot be resolved, you get a free ride the remainder of the route, as the SAG vehicle stays with the peleton.
SAG vehicles will have limited space if you have a ‘small’ cooler, etc.  If you need to take any layers off, you are welcome to put them in the SAG vehicle.
7.  Lack of Skill or Comfort:  Professional coaching will be provided as a courtesy to anyone who may have a low confidence or skill level of riding in an organized, double pace line and/or being able to ride in a consistent, straight line.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a Comment from this post or call me at (770) 634-4451.  THANK YOU for helping to spread the word about this Series to all your cycling friends!!!

Coach Robert


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