Atlanta WBL Ride #2: Dec 14th / Lower Cost

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Here is information that you need to know for Ride #2:

DATE:  Saturday, Dec 14th
TIME:  9:30am (roll time)
DISTANCE:  40 Mile Route (Map Link)
LOCATION:  253 Peters Street, Atlanta, Ga 30313  (Map Link).  Look for the yellow banner; this is our staging area.



1.  As soon as you arrive, please Check-in (find me at the banner)…and THEN go back and get suited up.
2.  Please arrive early enough so that you are ready to ride by 9:20am.
3.  You can register the same day (if not previously registered) via your smartphone, so bring your credit card.  Use  link for this process.  If you do not have a smartphone, one will be provided.

REMINDER:  Your entry fee covers our SAG vehicle costs and miscellaneous items needed to get your bike back on the road.

Registration Fee:  Dropping AGAIN 

Because has been blessed with a great November, I am sharing part of that blessing to make it even more affordable, in hopes that more of you will sign up an ride with us.  That said, here are the new LOWER registration fees:

– $45   Remaining Series (9 rides)
– $32   Half Series (any 5 rides)
– $8     Single Ride


Thank you for helping to continue to spread the word about this very unique Riding Series, geared towards recreational cyclists.  All cyclists (even you faster guys/gals) are welcome; you just need to adhere to the following Rules:


Please read the following guidelines very carefully.  This Winter Series is a very structured, organized ride and is specifically designed to ride as a group.  Habitual offenders and those unwilling to accept respectful correction are welcome to participate in other group rides.

1.  NO Sprinting:  If you feel the need to sprint, please find another ride.  We all know that it only takes one person to blow off the front, for the entire peleton to be split apart.
2.  Steady Pace:  Our Ride Leaders are responsible for setting the pace.  When Ride Leaders rotate off the front, the same pace (at which they were riding) is expected to be maintained with the ‘new’ leaders at the front.  Deliberate, sudden or abrupt jumps in speed will not be tolerated.
3.  Double Pace line:  The peleton is limited (at all times) to ride only 2-abreast, or more commonly called a double pace line.  GA law limits cyclists (without an event permit) to ride 2-abreast.  Only during rotations, will this be an exception.
4.  Traffic Lights:  Running traffic lights will not be tolerated.  If part of your group is caught with the light turning red as you are approaching, you need to stop.  You will have a chance to re-join your group.
5.  Stop Signs:  Running stops signs will not be tolerated.  We will stop as a group and roll through as a group.
6.  SAG or Mechanical Needs:  If you have any type of mechanical, the SAG vehicle will stop to help assist.  The peleton will NOT stop.  Once the mechanical has been resolved, the SAG vehicle (with you and your bike) will leapfrog the peleton, so that you can easily integrate back into your group.  If your issue cannot be resolved, you get a free ride for the remainder of the route, as the SAG vehicle stays with the peleton.
SAG vehicles will have limited space if you have a ‘small’ cooler, etc.  If you need to take any layers off, you are welcome to put them in the SAG vehicle.
7.  Lack of Skill or Comfort:  Professional coaching will be provided as a courtesy to anyone who may have a low confidence or skill level of riding in an organized, double pace line and/or being able to ride in a consistent, straight line.


See you Dec 14th….

Coach Robert


2 responses to “Atlanta WBL Ride #2: Dec 14th / Lower Cost

    • If rain is light, then we roll. Anything harder than that, we will re-schedule to another Saturday. Tips on staying dry: make sure your outer garnet is waterproof, or at least water-resistant. The 2 points where we tend to get cold 1st is our toes and hands. there are helmet covers that keep your head dry; worth the money!!! If you have a ventilation hole in the soles of your shoes, you can get ear plugs (those that you can mold w/your hands) and fill the hole; then cover w/elctrical or duct tape. Covering this makes a HUGE difference on keeping your feet warmer/dryer. There’s lots of gloves out there that are water-resistant; good thing to have. Finally, I have a Craft ‘WindStopper’ base layer that has material on the torso area that blocks ALL wind; it’s super great for those rainy days too.

      Now, if we could only have a double-walled, insulated coffee mug in the shape of a water bottle, filled w/coffee, so that we can drink something ‘hot’ while riding.

      Coach Robert

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