Silver Comet “HAMMERHEAD” Ride to Anniston

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.56.21 PM

OK, when I heard about this new ride called the Silver Comet Hammerhead Ride to Anniston I have to admit, it got my attention.  It’s a fully SAG’d ride with an overnight stay in Anniston.  Think of this ride like any of the very popular charity type events like the Jackson County Brevet, the Tony Serrano Ride and others…but totally focused and catered for those who can maintain a 20+ mph average for any given ride.

I’ve done many racing team training rides on the SCT but we never put the hammer down the whole time, nor was that the intent.  For this new ride, if you (or know of cyclists) who just want to lay it all out there for the entire time…and can ride at the advertised minimum speed, then this ride is for you.  Honestly, I would love to ride the SCT with a group like this and to experience the SCT’s terrain at those speeds.

For many metro Atlanta cyclists, the name Celeste Burr, will ring a bell.  Well, she is the ring leader and brain child behind this unique event.  Can’t wait to hear from those who participate, as her 2014 dates unfortunately fall on dates that I am already committed.

Bummer me….

Coach Robert


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