Tundra TT (Feb 15th): The Show WILL Go On…

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The very popular Tundra Time Trial is this Saturday, February 15th in Calhoun, GA.  But, if you are home, stuck by sheets of ice covering your streets, then my guess is you are thinking that the TTT may not happen.  Well, after connecting with event director Jim Burke, he says (as of now) that the show will go on…  Crazy?  Well, think back 2 weeks ago when our 1st winter storm paralyzed the city on a Tuesday; remember the following weekend it was in the 60’s?   According to the current forecast, this week (and weekend) is almost a duplicate.  Well, close.  Instead of 68 degrees, the forecast shows mid 40’s for Saturday and then jumps another 10 degrees for Sunday.  Bottom line, I can see why Jim is very optimistic of moving ahead with the event.  I would, too.

You can also get updated info by following them on Facebook at 12th Annual Tundra Time Trial.

Coach Robert


One response to “Tundra TT (Feb 15th): The Show WILL Go On…

  1. Robert, just heard on WSB tha Friday night could have more freezing precip. We can’t seem to catch a break this winter!

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